Our Ethics

our ethics and values include trust, loyalty , productivity
Across Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and all Australian cities we look for quality talent in the retail, fashion and digital employment markets.

In accordance with our core values and partnership approach, ethics, transparency, fairness and confidentiality have always been the foundation of TSHR success. As such we are confident that as individuals and as a team, TSHR observes the highest standard of ethics, probity and professional conduct.

The following principles provide a brief overview of the way we operate:

  • We will treat all sensitive information as confidential. Such information cannot be sent indiscriminately, and permission must always be obtained from the owner before it is released.

  • We will give honest and truthful representation of all information in all dealings with clients and candidates. We will not retain information about clients or candidates that could influence the decision of either party.

  • We will not undertake actions that may jeopardise a candidate’s current employment.

  • Candidate information will only ever be used in relation to the normal recruitment processes of TSHR. It will not be used for any other purpose whatsoever and our Privacy Policy is in accordance with the Privacy Act.

  • We will comply with all legal, statutory and government requirements.

  • We will never “headhunt” or approach any employee who is employed by a client organisation. In line with our partnership approach, a client organisation is one which shares with us a mutual commitment, recognition and loyalty to the partnership and as such retains Trak Recruiting on a regular basis for the majority of its assignments.

  • Our goal is to improve the team calibre of each of our clients. As the Australian retail scene is at times relatively small, some of our clients may view each other as direct competitors. While we do not see this as a conflict of interest, we guarantee discretion on all sensitive corporate information which is not common knowledge in the market place.

  • Candidates who make contact with TSHR – regardless of where or who they are working – will never be disadvantaged and therefore treated equally and fairly in their application.

  • It is the practice of TSHR to search our database at the commencement of each assignment. All candidates on the database will be analysed against the role and if deemed appropriate, will be contacted unless they have been placed by us, or have expressed in writing that they no longer wish to be considered.