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About Us

Candidates in the recruitment process in Sydney and Melbourne, searching for a job
fashion and retail visual display - clothing, footwear and customer service

Since its initial inception in 1995, Trak Recruiting has continued to evolve over the past three decades. In 2018, TSHR was established, combining the talents of 3 independently owned agencies - Trak Recruiting, Trak HR Consulting and Scarlett Recruitment, with the aim of providing a far greater range of “people related solutions” across the fashion, textile, beauty, retail, consumer, FMCG and digital space.

Successfully identifying and recruiting the “right person for the right job” is of paramount importance, but we view their first day on board as just the beginning in terms of maximising the contribution they give in both the short and long term. 

The opportunities we recruit for are at a level which has an impact on the success of the businesses we partner with. These include C level, Executive Leadership, as well as specialist and creative opportunities.

We listen to our clients’ requirements and then utilise our extensive database or adopt a “headhunt approach” to ensure you are connected to the best talent, not just those looking for a job.  

We listen to our candidates’ careers aspirations and abilities, ensuring that we are connecting them with companies that allow them the opportunity to maximise their potential, by offering a culture that truly recognises the value of having an environment where people can prosper. 

The TSHR employee lifecycle shows how our HR Consulting and Recruiting experts combine together to increase employee engagement and success by offering our assistance at multiple touchpoints including onboarding and induction, KPI and goal setting, performance reviews, succession planning and skills development, salary and remuneration comparisons, even exit interviews to focus on continual improvement of cultural and people practices.