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Our Values & Ethics

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Our Values

At TSHR, our mission is 'To change people’s lives by delivering on what’s important to maximise talent and career potential, enabling individuals and organisations to prosper' by:

  • Viewing ourselves as an extension of our clients’ team, with integrity, transparency, and communication at the forefront of our relationship.

  • Representing our candidates as a part of our team, with discretion, professionalism, and honesty. 

  • Treating our candidates with dignity and respect, and each application is evaluated on merit, not gender, race or class.

We are mindful that sensitive information remains confidential and we endeavour to help candidates fulfil their career success and maximise their individual potential by:

  • Continually building an internal culture that is professional, positive, supportive and rewarding, with a true customer focus in our specialist industries.

  • Being aligned with quality and ethical candidates and clients, while striving for continuous improvement in our practices and technology.

Our Ethics

In accordance with our core values and partnership approach, ethics, transparency, fairness and confidentiality have always been the foundation of TSHR success. As such we are confident that as individuals and as a team, TSHR observes the highest standard of ethics, probity and professional conduct by:

  • Practising discretion and confidentiality on all sensitive corporate information.

  • Treating all our candidates equally and fairly, regardless of their current employer or status.

  • Honest representation with all our clients and candidates, always with their best interests at the forefront.

  • Building trust through transparency and reliability.

Social Responsibility

We believe in corporate social responsibility. That includes acting ethically and contributing to economic development while improving the quality of life in our local community and society at large. We contribute both financially and through management support and/or volunteering with a number of charities including:

MTC, The Smith Family, World Vison, Salvation Army, Rotary – Children’s Day Out, Kids Help Line, St. Vincent De Paul CEO Sleepout, Taronga Zoo, Australian Guide Dogs, MTC Australia & Warakirri College.