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Mobile phones

by Lisa Allanson

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Google algorithm changes have meant that companies with mobile optimised sites now rank higher in search results. Whether or not Google’s decision to give preference to mobile-friendly sites is a good thing for employers depends on whether or not they have been keeping up with mobile technology. Companies may lose out on good applicants by not having mobile.

From a recruitment perspective, organisations that have been embracing mobile will see their applicant pools grow, as more and more job seekers come across their career sites via mobile searches. So, what can employers do to get mobile and develop an effective career site? The best mobile recruiting sites are the ones that have very clear calls to action for the most important things - finding a job and applying for a job. Anything that distracts from these two very clear objectives can be confusing and frustrating for job seekers.

Employers should keep the jobseeker action flows as simple, efficient, and focused as possible. Make it easy for candidates to browse openings by function and location. Reduce the friction of uploading resumes, by offering the option to use a social media profile. Candidates should also be able to sign up for email or SMS alerts for jobs from the site ensuring jobs are easily accessible. 

Companies should also extend their mobile recruitment focus to social media.  Some progressive companies like T-Mobile are doing Facebook video streams showing what “a day in the life of an employee” at the company is like. Businesses are also beginning to use Twitter chats to answer questions from job seekers; and Instagram stories, to post photos and videos on their feed for 24 hours. All of these strategies can help reach job seekers. According to Nielsen’s 2016 Social Media Report, candidates are on social media 3+ hours a day anyway.

The biggest challenge that talent acquisition leaders face when building a mobile recruiting website is the fact that applicants will be facing a range of distractions. The best mobile websites account for this fact by keeping processes extremely simple, engaging and to-the-point.