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Head Office

Every role within a head office plays a crucial part in the organisation's success. As such we have built a database spanning from C Level & Executive Search to Human Resources, Finance, Property, Planning, Logistics and Administrative Support.

​Roles that we cover include:

C Level & Executive Search

Functional Heads


Board appointments 

International based roles

Transformation Manager

Human Resources

HR Director

Chief People Officer

Employee Relations Manager

Internal Recruitment

Talent Acquisitions Manager

Remuneration & Benefits Manager

Training Manager

HR Officer

People & Culture Manager

WH&S Manager

Workplace Safety Manager

Planning & Administrative Support

  • Merchandise Planning

  • Demand Planners & Allocators

  • Property/Leasing

  • Facilities Management

  • Store Design and Construction

  • Space Utilisation & Planograms

  • Sustainability

  • EA, Secretarial support and other Administration

Logistics, Purchasing & Procurement

Director of Site Strategy

Director of Logistics

Distribution Manager

Warehouse Manager

Transportation Manager

Sourcing Manager

Procurement and Purchasing Manager