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Our HR Consulting Value Added Services

Human Resource consulting and strategy  about team work, culture. people, ideas and best practise
Retail, fashion and digital candidates awaiting their interview feedback from the Human Resources team

Trak HR Consulting focus on practical and pragmatic ways we can apply HR expertise to your business to maximise organisational probability, delivering quantifiable ROI, increase productivity, reduce staff turnover and ensure positive commercial outcomes.

Our difference is that top of mind for us is the practical and pragmatic ways we can apply this knowledge to your business to improve efficiencies and ensure positive commercial outcomes. We increase the contribution people make to bottom line profitability as a HR partner who are subject matter experts in both HR and retail, rather than apply a one-size-fits-all consulting approach. We work with business leaders to identify and plan HR strategies and tactics aligned with your company’s overall strategic direction.

Leading our HR practice is Belinda McPhee, who has over 20 years experience in Human Resources and has held senior HR Director level positions for several leading International and Australian Retailers. Supporting her is a team of consultants at varying levels who also combine local and international retail and HR skills.

Trak HR Consulting offers a suite of specialist boutique HR solutions including outsourced HR services from Director to Administrator level to retail and wholesale organisations.

We concentrate around the themes of:

  • Attraction, Engagement and Retention,

  • Performance Management,

  • Compliance and Remuneration,

  • Leadership and Development,

  • Talent Management and Succession Planning,

  • HR strategy for start ups and established businesses,

  • Coaching – Executive and strategic Human Resources coaching to develop individuals and teams.

Our objective at Trak HR Consulting is to deliver positive financial outcomes by adding real dollars to your bottom line and delivering quantifiable ROI.​